Each year we hold a service aimed directly at children in aid of the Children's Society. Last year was the busiest we have held with 180 Christingles being produced and over £450 raised for disadvantaged children.

Know your Christingle!

On the 27th November 2011 at 4pm, St Leonard’s Parish Church will be lit up during the Christingle Service. This is a very special children’s service in aid of The Children’s Society. Parents and adults are most welcome whether or not they are accompanied by children!

What is Christingle?

The Christingle means ‘Christ Light’ and at Advent the children’s candlelit service, enjoyed by nearly a million children in Britain, is a celebration of Jesus, the Light of the World. The first Christingle service was held in the Moravian Church in Germany around 1747. These early services held on Christmas Eve encouraged children to keep a burning candle in the window of their homes so that passers by would see the ‘Light of Christ’. The Christingle service, introduced into the Anglican Church by The Children’s Society in 1968, teaches children about Jesus and the Christian faith and may be held in Advent, at Christmas, or in Epiphany.

What does the Christingle Symbolise? 

  • The orange – represents the world.
  • The red ribbon – indicates the love and blood of Christ.
  • The 4 sticks of dried fruits and sweets – symbols of God’s creations and the four seasons;
  • The lit candle – symbolises Jesus, the Light of the World.

Remember to enjoy the fruits of the earth at the service!

The most delightful and moving part of the Christingle Service is when all the Christingles are lit, lighting up the children’s faces. This is a time to celebrate Christ’s love and share that love with all the families present.

The Christingle service is a great opportunity to raise money for a most worthwhile cause; those less fortunate children who are supported and protected by The Children’s Society. We at St Leonards also enjoy making them, and the children help , eating many supplies on the way!