Hello Everyone,

One of the things I enjoy about St. Leonard’s Mothers’ Union is the social part of the programme. On 22nd May we met at Jean Sutlieff’s house for a Jacob’s Join. It was a lovely relaxed evening with time to chat and have an informal time if catching up with each other. Everyone brought a plate (or two!) of food so there was lots to eat. Thank you to all who contributed to the evening and special thanks to Jean and Richard for allowing us to use their lovely home for the evening.

As I write this the MU are looking forward to their Mystery Trip to………!! Well you’ll have to wait till the next magazine to hear about where we went and what we did!

We will be celebrating 80 years of St. Leonard’s Mothers’ Union on July 31st. Reverend Tracy will lead a choral evensong to give thanks to God for our branch of the MU. We hope to enrol new members and officially welcome someone transferring from another branch. We will have cakes and drinks and there will be opportunity to look through some old documents, newspaper articles and photographs that show our history. If you have anything about the MU that you are happy for people to look at please bring it on the night. Everyone is welcome to attend so please do come and join us and bring a friend too.

This year we are having a break in the programme in August. The committee work hard throughout the year to provide an interesting and varied programme, so I hope you agree it is good and right that they have a welldeserved break for a month. If you will miss the meeting why not arrange to go for coffee with MU friends or invite someone for a meal.

I hope you all have a warm, sunny and relaxing summer.

Love and Blessings

Janet Parker



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