Hello Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago Tracy Baron our past Branch Leader passed a lot of Mothers’ Union paperwork over to me. There did seem to be a huge quantity of “stuff” and I was tempted to put it in the loft and forget about it!  However, as I started to look through it I realised that some of it provided a fascinating history of St. Leonard’s Mothers’ Union.

There are accounts going back to 1947, all beautifully hand written in a book. Subs were 1s.6d in 1947. £1.00 then is equivalent to about £27.00 today. I will leave you to work out how that compares to our subs of £25.00 today.

There were 50 members in 1947 and some of the family names are familiar, Turner, Hargreaves, Douglas, and Geldard to name a few. I think some of our present members will be related to these ladies. In 1959/60 there were four Mrs. Haworths described as Snr., Pres., Jnr., and Brok! I wonder if they were all related? Does anyone remember any of these members?

The accounts show payments of around £1.0s.0d annually for “moral “welfare”. Do any of you know what moral welfare was, some sort of benefit service maybe? Tablecloths were regularly laundered at a cost of 3s.0d. twice a year. In 1953 Miss Yates was paid £5.13s.6d for making surplices and £1.16s.8d was the Mothers’ Union share of Coronation Decorations for church.

The M.U. now keeps their accounts, minutes etc. electronically on a computer and only print off what is needed and we do a lot of communication by e-mail. I wonder how much of all this will be around in another 71 years and how interested people will be in what went on in the past.

Looking through some of the documents I realised that our Mothers’ Union is 80 years old this year. It has been decided that we will celebrate our birthday at the July meeting. We are only just starting to think what the celebrations will look like, but we hope to have a display of some of the material I have described. If you have any photographs, newspaper articles, memories or stories of people and events you would like to share please let one of the committee know and maybe we can incorporate it into the celebrations.

It is good to look back and recognise the hard work of others before us and to thank God for the many blessings He has given us, but it is important that we also look to the future. I would ask that you join me in praying for the future of St. Leonard’s Mothers’ Union, for new members and for vision so we can work with God to fulfil the aims of the MU. It would be lovely if people at St. Leonard’s were looking into the archives in 80 years with as much fascination and enjoyment as I’ve been having this last couple of weeks.

Love and Blessings

Janet Parker


Dates for your Diary:
13th March    :  Anniversary Dinner  Mytton Fold
24th April       : David Winnard, Edible and Drinkable Hedgerows

22nd May : Jacobs Join @ 5 the HAwthorns , Wilpshire (see Jean Sutlieff)