The Royal Maundy Service

The Blackburn Diocese was honoured to have Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II present the Maundy Money at Blackburn Cathedral on Maundy Thursday 2014. This is the first time that The Queen has visited the Cathedral.

St Leonard's Recipients

It was wonderful news to hear that two of St Leonard's long-time Church members had been selected to receive the Maundy Money from Her Majesty.

Mrs Lilian Hargreaves, our Warden Emeritus and Mr Brian Williams our Deputy Lay Chair each received pouches of specially minted Maundy Money from Her Majesty. Mrs Hargreaves gave a talk to year 6 pupils at the School where the children heard about the Service and were able to hold the Maundy Money.

From the minute I received the invitation to the actual day I was on cloud 9. Why me? What had I done to deserve such an honour? The day was wonderful, with everyone making us feel comfortable and special. The service was beautiful and the music wonderful, but the actual moment when the Queen stopped in front of me and smiled and handed me the 2 purses containing the Maundy Money, was just so special I haven’t got words to describe it ……but I will never forget it.

- Lilian Hargreaves

Media overage

Photographs by the congregation inside the Cathedral during the Service and presentation were forbidden and the only record can be seen from some of the official photographers as shown below.

The Diocese has produced a special online edition of 'The See' and below are some extracted links to events on the day.

ITN A link to ITN's Royal news channel with video of the event
Royal Mint Still pictures on The Royal Mint Pinterest site
Getty Getty Images
King George's Hall pictures from the recipients’ lunch at King George’s Hall